Aim of program

The program is supported by a team of faculty specialized in the areas of horticulture, agronomy, soil science, entomology, and plant pathology. We provide education and training for students interested in the area of plant health, agriculture safety.


(1) Crop nutrition and management

(2) Disease management

(3) Plant quarantine

(4) Detection and identification of plant pests

(5) Safe usage of pesticides

(6) Safe agricultural

(7) Training of plant doctors

(8) International collaboration
  • Goal
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  • 1) To cultivate plant doctors in precision diagnostic and prescription.
    2) To cultivate professional individuals in integrated crop health management.
    3) To cultivate professional individuals in plant protection and quarantine.
    4) Develop technologies for plant health management.
  • Core expertise
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  • A) Develop crop management technologies.
    B) Develop the abilities of plant clinical diagnosis and prescribing pesticides.
    C) Techniques and knowledge of Plant quarantine and disease management.
    D) Increase knowledge of plant health management.
    E) Develop the ability to conduct scientific research, to work in a team and to present and interpret scientific results.